Putting a piece of junk mail into the waste paper basket…

I discovered a piece of junk mail on my door mat. I carried the item away from the front door and held it above the waste paper basket. I opened my hand, thereby allowing the piece of junk mail to fall into the basket.

52 Responses to “Putting a piece of junk mail into the waste paper basket…”

  1. shapedoctor says:

    i like this post because mail and baskets are shapes.

  2. springer says:

    they are a rectangle and a cylinder.

    i am now going to click the ‘submit comment’ button

  3. slowandsteadysteve says:

    i do believe that when you did this it caused a warp in the space-time continuum thereby causing the trashcan bag to ripple in oddly soothing patterns

  4. Dan says:

    i like this blog, thereby reading numerous entries everyday

  5. my name isn't worthy enough for you Dave says:

    you seperated the good from the evil and cast the evil into the darkness were it can do no harm to the good.

    please write, more i thirst for you preaching

  6. shinyPurugly says:

    I like this blog because it makes even the simplest things complicated. Even my life is not as simple as this. Great work! Keep it up!

  7. Sqott says:

    I have to walk to the mailbox to get my junk mail.

  8. Sarah says:

    When this entry was written I was in year 4 at my Primary School. I am now in Year 8 of High School, I find it quite amazing that this blog remains on the internet, but I am pleased I have found it (although was it ever lost?).

  9. kakkaboy says:

    you make me slow

  10. KEV says:

    I once made a scale model of a british airways DC-10 out of a letter I received from Norfolk n’Goode ,”the local friendly estate agents” as i remember the flyer saying ,i didnt really throw it in the bin ,i more piloted it into a perfect landing position.i did it quite well too and am now wondering if i should go for my pilots licence.other ways to have fun are create a working replica of an 1800’s spinning jenny steam engine it took about 15 minutes more but i was highly impressed with my work ..come on ppl recycle wisely!

  11. jacqueline says:

    i threw out a banana peel today.

  12. Steve says:

    You should put paper in a recycling bin. That can be a future post.

  13. Idk says:

    Really people?
    That’s pretty much all that I have to say about this matter except for the fact that you really looked up this blog and wrote a review.
    i personally am at a friends house right now at about 1:53 in the mornig and I don’t know why he showed me this but…
    no offense.
    jk sort of,

  14. scott says:

    The imagery is scintillating! My heart is still racing!

  15. mail_monkey says:

    So you didn’t even read it first? I would read it first, and then screw it into a ball to thro at some unsuspecting passer-bys. hehe, Im off to eat a bananananana!!!

  16. Thomas says:

    Please recycle wisely!

  17. Looney says:

    every other time I breath through my nose I can hear a little whistle.

  18. naomi says:

    hahaha i couldnt even get through that one

  19. Tyler says:

    I am typing my name…

    I am typing my e-mail…

    I am typing my website…

    I am typing all of the above, this and the below…

    I love this blog, so much more interesting than my life! :)

  20. joe standaring says:

    i was thinking about posting a comment so i decided to type this then i clicked submit thereby i posted a comment

  21. Davidj says:

    Personally I try to avoid strenuous activity such as putting a piece of junk mail into a waste paper basket. If I’m forced into it I like to have a little sit down afterwards.

  22. Steve says:

    I read your blog to feel the rush!

  23. Magz :] says:

    I like this post because it made me think about how complicated even the simplest actions are.

  24. Erika says:

    Wow. This was acrually the most interesting part of your exciting day! You opened your hand, and the effect of this suspenseful moment was that the mail was pulled by gravity away from you… and going straight into the basket! I wish my life was as adventurous as yours =[
    Well, see ya! =D

  25. Someguythatpostedacomment says:

    I opened my mouth and shaped the words “Zomg this blog rules” then I closed my mouth and reached out to my mouse and moved it over to the “Submit Comment” button on the screen. I then pressed down on the left side of the mouse, causing a left click. The computer then posted this coment under Putting a piece of junk mail into the waste paper basket. I then went on reading the rest of the blog.

  26. Emily says:

    Wow- I would never do that.
    Once I got junkmail and got a letter opener to open it thereby opening the junkmail.

  27. A person says:

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  28. from kristina says:

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  29. molly says:

    i have never played grow cube


  30. Lost_Chick says:

    i am so lost.

  31. rhea n says:

    writing a comment

    i am writing a comment
    i look at the keyboard
    then i push down on the certain letters of the keyboard alphabet
    then i look at the screen
    i study each word carefully for mistakes
    i am pressing the button”sumbit comment”
    i look again
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  32. Ginger Simon says:

    I find collecting my junk mail and re-posting it interesting. On days when I have not received interesting mail- I still have the junk mail to pick up. I think this is helping to give my postman something to do also.

  33. Alexis says:

    wow i exclaimed thereby saying a word
    then i typed it as i am doing now
    u will soon read it and process it in your mind therefore understanding it
    THankyou for your time

  34. Jake says:

    It seems my life has culminated to this point.

  35. samantha says:

    your blog entries are always so interesting.

  36. bung says:

    we must try to be green.
    junk mail should not just be thrown away,
    but ReCycled…

    i drop my junk mail into the waste basket.
    then i reach my hand in and pick it back up.
    THEN i drop it back in again!
    i am green !
    sometimes, when i have extra time, i repeat the cycle again.
    then i am greener !!

  37. no1uno says:

    It is important that you take your name and address off the junk mail, shred that and then dispose the said junk mail into the trash. On Monday through Friday, maybe Saturday, that your trash pick up comes then get rid of it.

  38. Bob Bruhin says:

    Have I ever mentioned to you that I never get enough cheese?

  39. ordinary.day. says:

    i opened firefox and went to youtube.com. i then typed in a song in the search box. i clicked on a song with my mouse. therefore turning on a song

  40. Ben says:

    How about eggs?

  41. rose says:

    why so slowly?

  42. Random person Who Will Not Be Named says:

    This is very pointless. Writing this shows a lack of anything more interesting to do. I swear, don’t you have other accomplishments to acheive with your obviously adequate intellect than write down your pointless and meaningless accomplishments? I pity you.

  43. Random person Who Will Not Be Named says:


  44. Random person Who Will Not Be Named says:

    I have seen the error of my ways and have decided you are awesome. NOT!!!!! I think you are words that are inappropriate for the internet. That’s pretty bad.

  45. lois says:

    You people are so boring its painfull-GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you continue to read this blog YOU WILL DIE!!!!
    try this-
    9:00 i went bungee jumping of brooklin bridge
    10:00 climed mt everest
    11:00 went 2 a movie premier(of which i was the star)
    1:00pm had lunch at hard rock cafe Barcelona
    2:00 shopping in paris
    3:00 performed a live concert in london
    4:00 cloned a frog
    5:00 recived a nobel prize
    6:00 created an underwater computer and became a billionare
    7:00 became president of the US
    8:00 started a war
    9:30 ended the war(shortest war ever!!!)
    10:30 created world peace
    11:00 ended the peace coz it was borin
    12:00 got drunk and went clubbing
    2:00am went 2 bed
    then made a cure for hangovers…..
    FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  46. brooks says:

    I usually dispose of junk mail in a similar manner. In one instance though, the piece took an unconventional trajectory and missed the waste basket, thereby requiring me to bend over and pick it up. I subsequently placed it instead of dropping, to avoid such confusion.

  47. rach says:

    this is so weird.
    look at me im typing.

    how do you people even find the motivation to read this stuff? its beyond boring. & its trash for your mind. move on.

  48. Gee says:

    I tried to replicate the action, but failed. I didn’t have any paper to hand.

  49. Recycle! says:

    Why did you throw it in the wastebasket? Save the planet. Recycle.

  50. Recycle! says:

    I clicked the “Submit Comment” button. I clicked it again by mistake. A message appeared. It said:
    “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

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