Straightening the doormat

I noticed that the doormat was at a slightly crooked angle.  I reached down and moved the mat back into its correct place. The edge of the mat was then perpendicular to the door.

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  1. Graham says:

    We have a doormat that my wife bought. I it is in the shape of cottage and has not straight edge. Can not be straightened. I looked at it this morning. Stressful

  2. Pete says:

    Wow, somebody finally seems to understand what’s like to straighten a crooked doormat. A kindred spirit?

  3. Mafalda says:

    Sometimes I come here to check on your posts, but I usually leave quickly because the header is too bright. Please make the header less bright.

  4. Durga Nandan says:

    I never expected a ‘dull’ blog to have 95 responses on one post of 3 lines.
    And all that viral happening all over the net for this blog.

    Cheerz on standing out!
    DN :)

  5. Stephanie says:

    It’s been a while since you’ve posted… Please post something!

  6. mike says:

    Leaving a comment.

  7. Before coming to this site, I did not know what a doormat was.

  8. caro says:

    i do not have a door mat, in it’s place is concrete

  9. jenni says:

    isn’t the doormat also technically parallel to the door?

  10. I am the doormat. People reach down and tug on me and push me back into the correct place. I don’t care because I am the doormat.

  11. fingerpuk says:

    I no longer own a doormat. Now I can see the carpet does not fit exactly, this upsets me.

  12. Rich says:

    That is awesome.

  13. Chris Wren says:

    I use those rubber grids that you get from IKEA to keep my doormats straight. Normally you put them in kitchen cupboards, and they keep glasses and tumblers from sliding around. They also make it much easier to line up glasses and tumblers properly.

    It was while doing this one day that I thought “Why couldn’t I use these to keep my doormat from sliding around?” Unfortunately, I didn’t have any spare, so after carefully measuring my doormats, I drove out to IKEA and bought a sheet of the appropriate size, which upon returning home, I was able to trim with a pair of regular scissors and with the help of a metal straightedge ruler.

    The trick is to cut the rubber grid sheeting to slightly SMALLER size than the doormat as this prevents the grid from being visible, should guests unexpectedly drop things by the door and stoop to retrieve them. I did a few test runs to make sure my would work. I exited my apartment, then immediately re-entered, making a point of stepping on the doormat, which didn’t shift. I did this several times and was quite pleased with the result.

  14. cnibase says:

    Someday you will write all the stuff you own!

  15. Just Passing through and thought I’d leave a hello!

  16. Maithili says:

    Doormats are ok. I don’t like them a lot, but I don’t hate them, either.

  17. Steven Scott says:

    I saw that my doormat was less than 1 inch from my doorstep. I require it to me at LEAST one inch. So I went to my room, got a ruler, & measured both sides, & moved my mat.

  18. Sally Howard says:

    Yeah I know! I hate it when this happens it happened to me this morning to be precise.

  19. Coburn says:

    I think I’ll go buy me a doormat just so I can keep it straight.

  20. Rachel Shore says:

    I recommend duck taping your doormat to the ground – this should eliminate problems that arise from crooked mats.

  21. Helen says:

    I like doormats. They keep my feet warm, while I look out the door window to see who is knocking.

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