Going for a walk

I decided to go for a walk. I set off in my chosen direction. Eventually I returned to my starting point.

14 Responses to “Going for a walk”

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for breaking your long hiatus. My life was starting to become way too exciting.

  2. YOU'RE BACK says:


  3. Paul says:

    Since your last update, this blog is all over the place. So much happening in such a short time. Dull it is not.
    I want my money back.

  4. th0 says:

    Hiatus? What hiatus?

  5. gizaiga says:

    pictures or it didn’t happen

  6. flonk says:

    Amazingly the same thing happened to me some weeks ago.

  7. Daniel1979 says:

    A thrilling plot and epic conclusion. I simply can not wait for the movie!

  8. Marcus Uneson says:

    Once, I wanted to go for a walk, too, but as I couldn’t find my left shoe so I decided to stay home.

  9. Thehiyahiya2222 says:


  10. Dana says:

    nice, quite the enigmatic blog.

  11. BaconCape says:

    This was the best thing i’ve ever read.

  12. The Chosen One says:

    You should write a book.

  13. BIG D says:

    This saved my marriage

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