Scratching my knee

My knee had a slight itch. I reached out my hand and scratched the knee in question. The itch was relieved and I was able to continue with my activities.

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  1. lemon says:

    i have a knee to

  2. cautiousman says:

    Dear Dave,

    i know the feeling. Were there anyone else around when you itched your knee? if there were, you are a brave soul!!

    Yesterday i had the itchy socks syndrome. It’s when you socks itch around the elastic band. If i lived somewhere else maybe i wouldn’t wear socks; but it’s cold here. But maybe again no. Wearing shoes without socks smells.

    Anyhow, i like itching as long as it is stoppable. if it’s not and you cannot control it that would have been tough. Regardless of whatever you decide to do with itchy knees in the future, do not rush into action. Don’t scratch it unless you are certain that you can stop when you want to.

    Wow…this was too much action for me. I need rest now.

  3. tabes says:

    This is quite posebly the lamest i have ever been on

  4. David says:

    Today I had an itch on both knees. I decided the best course of action would be use both hands simultaneously (quicker than using one hand). Later that day I ran down the stairs instead of walking hence getting back on schedule.

  5. Dereck says:

    I think it’s age. Old people got something going on with them all the time :)

  6. Michael says:

    Dude, that knee! Is that a…
    Oh my gosh!
    Is that a
    Is that a mole in your knee, you popped the mole dude, stop scratching!

  7. Zeus. says:

    I was sitting here, and your predicament brought much thought and memories to me.
    Like the time my dog had used a wrong tone with the police from Gwallibalia.

    i think i might have your answer though.
    you see for years me and my people have suffered from slight itching of the knee every Thursdays at 10, we learned to fight off the problem with a simple easy to use whale penis.


  8. Dave says:

    Itchy knees are caused by being knock-kneed. This knock-knee condition comes from standing in the middle of the room doing nothing all day as you are prone do. As a result, the weight of your upper body gradually bends your knee inwardly so that they gradually meet and start to grow together. When you pull them apart, the resulting irritation causes the itch.

  9. jake says:

    hey guys, pls continue to write ur blog. probably the only important web-page in general.

  10. I feel your pain. I’m glad it all went away.

  11. Walt says:

    I tend to that during office boredom…but here is the kicker – i always get the hairs on my knees twisted then I have a crazy knot there…adn that always stinks.

  12. Feller says:

    What’s wrong with the people today? Every second one got knee problem :(

  13. Plow says:

    I feel a little stressed by the fact that you had a activities to continue with.

  14. Tbone says:

    I have two knees

  15. May says:

    I don’t have an itchy knee, but It’s usually my back that is itchy and which I will try to scratch but fail to relieve the itch.

    That is why i don’t stare at walls, because I use wall to scratch my back so that the itch on my back is relieved.

    I still don;t have an itchy knee, but I need to find a wall now.

  16. garry says:

    I am 7ft 6″and my knee is far away and sometimes I have an Itchy far knee

  17. John says:

    When you have an knee problem, that the real one.

  18. TBone says:

    i like cake

  19. Stardust says:

    I scratch everywhere, so much so I lose attention on activities

  20. Will says:

    You have the hands of a healer.

  21. Very good report,I just now subscribed to your feed.

  22. John says:

    Yea scratching it left and right and then go again :)

  23. lam says:

    is that thing on hand called knee too, is so means i got 4 knees

  24. Ethel says:

    I find this very intriguing, and i can relate to it, as i want, had , and , itchy armp,it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,scra,thcecd it and accidentaly, one of my hairs fell out.
    Too much information as this is quite deruptibly interesting.

    My boyfriend Keith and Girlfriend Doris and Belinda my oldest daughter were very unamused but, life goes on.

  25. Anja Hübel says:

    Please carry on with this blog at all costs because it is great value for money (being free).

  26. Infamous. says:

    As I was reading your ‘itchy knee’ situation, I discovered an itch on the back of my neck. I reached up my left hand, and proceeded with the scratch. It now feels relieved and much better. Thank you for posting amazing blogs, Dave.

  27. durematlaaaak says:

    the same occured one summers evening at dusk whenst i was feeding the rare breed of cat we own ..,i noticed this itch was slightly more irritable than the last and about 5.34 cm squared to the knee bone ..,so i had to call the GP and him involved ..,he had to roll by trouser leg up about 3cm above the knee. He then had to scratch my knee by stretching out his finger and then curlling it back in again. This method seemed to somewhat relieve this terrorist itch ..and thankfully tiddles and i were able to begin to renew our lives together ..,you know what they say .., time is a healer ..,the time is now approaching ..,and according to my calculations i have now wasted around 7.3 minutes on this post .., precious time in which i and tiddles may have spent in harmonious company ..oh how i love thee tiddles how thou crooked paws come stumble forth to me ..,oh how thoust meeoow in the distant mountains .. and touch my soul

    it was a life or death situation .

  28. fingerpuk says:

    I had an itch on my elbow. I left it to see where it would go. It didn’t go anywhere.

  29. imsobored says:

    I think you should of left the ich and see how long you could go without iching it! My record is 7 minuites and 46 seconds. That ich was on my knee as a matter of fact…

  30. Susan says:

    *Scratches head*

  31. Helen says:

    I try to ignore this feeling. People say it is the devil knocking on your door.

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